Down syndrome

Down Syndrome is caused by the presence of an additional chromosome – chromosome 21. This is why it can also be known as “Trisomy 21”. Down Syndrome typically occurs because of a chance happening during cell division at the time of conception. This extra chromosome affects each person differently. Physical effects can include heart & digestive tract problems, and vision or hearing impairments.

And all babies born with Down Syndrome have low muscle tone otherwise known as hypotonia, which means that they have to work extra hard to master skills such as crawling, walking & talking. Everyone with Down Syndrome has some degree of learning disability which can be significantly improved given additional help and support.

News & Evénements

Moi Aussi The Song: Sing Your Heart Out – Flash Mob Bern 17th March 2018

  Moi Aussi The Song Flash Mob: Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day ( with us in Bern Saturday morning the 17th March 2018 (exact location and time will be updated very soon) and sing your hearts out.  Written by Eoghan O’Sullivan (, Moi Aussi The Song reflects our objective as an organisation to raise awareness, understanding […]

Press Release

founded in February 2017, is focused on raising awareness of Down Syndrome,

Exhibition opening of Moi Aussi

Moi Aussi Free External Public Photo Exhibition: reflects the everyday lives of 21 people with Down Syndrome. Thanks to the large crowds that turned out for the Moi Aussi launch and this short video will give you an insight into the sentiment from the day.

Association Board

Laura Mulcahy

Founder and mother of two kids, including Emer who has Down Syndrome

John Walsh

Member of Moi Aussi, Marketing Professor at IMD & father of two kids, including Emer who has Down Syndrome

Hayley Hay

Member of Moi Aussi, Professional photographer & mother of 2 kids

Eimear Loparco

Secretary of Moi Aussi, Trust Manager & mother of two kids