The Moi Aussi Association is a charitable organisation completely funded by public and corporate donations. No members of Moi Aussi receive any financial remuneration and your donations go directly and completely towards raising public awareness of Down Syndrome. From the launch pad of Lausanne, the Moi Aussi photograph exhibition is moving to multiple Swiss locations over the next year. Your donations pay for the significant costs of assembly, disassembly and transportation of the exhibition to each location. The whole exhibition is substantial – each stand weighs 500kg, is 3.3 meters in height, 1.3 meters in width and there are 11 stands in total. As your donations come in, we shall add each location on this site so you are kept informed. Thank you for your support.


Bank: UBS Switzerland AG Case postale, 1002 Lausanne, Switzerland

IBAN : CH50 0024 3243 2076 4401 A


Address: Moi Aussi Association, Laura Mulcahy, Avenue Edouard Rod 28, Lausanne CH-1007